Quality control:

We rely on n-butene direct hydration method in MEK production, enabling our MEK to reach Type II urethane grade as specified in the Specification of ASTM D740-11. Compared with the n-butene indirect hydration method adopted by Europe and Japan which takes sulfuric acid as catalyst, this method causes less pollution and is more advanced. MEK products are sensitive to their external environment. But they can be preserved for one year if stored and operated properly. We realize quality control mainly through operation in the following stages:

Production stage :

We have stable quality control and production facilities which ensure the original ex-factory content of MEK is over 99.91%, with the actual value as high as 99.99% while the original ex-factory moisture content is less than 0.05% with the actual value as low as 0.02%.

Shore tanks and warehouse tanks stage:

When at shore tank, MEK is preserved in floating roof tanks with nitrogen purging. The roof can isolate the MEK from air, so as to effectively prevent MEK from absorbing the moisture in the air and reduce its volatilization.Inert gas nitrogen can be filled into tanks which can well isolate MEK from air so as to produce sealing effects and guarantee the quality of MEK.

Bulk vessel export logistics stage:

Specific cleaning instructions have been designed for the cleaning of bulk vessel and delivery pipelines during their commodity inspection according to the international practice. They have passed the commodity inspection after cleaned according to the instruction and been provided with cabin cleaning certificate certified by the third party independent survey agency.

Isotank export logistics stage:

Tank containers are cleaned according to professional instructions. The tanks are dried naturally after cleaned with high pressure water pipe. When necessary, nitrogen may be filled into them. Since nitrogen is heavier than air, air can be driven out of tanks. Prior to loading into tanks ,the samples taken from warehouse tanks must be shown qualified for loading.

Drum packing export stage:

We use brand new iron drums to load MEK and all drums are certified by CIQ to be qualified for deep sea shipment. Prior to drumming ,again the sample taken from tanks are tested to be qualified for drumming.  MEK products contained in drums will not deteriorate easily as the drums are well sealed and kept away from light.
According to the previous shipping test result, the actual moisture content in our MEK as tested by the buyer does not exceed 0.02% after arriving at the port of destination. For example, Intertek’s report shows that, the water content in the cabin is 0.0092% while the water content in the shore tanks after discharging of goods is only increased to 0.0123%, which is much lower than the contractual upper limit of 0.05%. As the measurement accuracy of such foreign inspectors as Intertek and SGS is usually higher than that of domestic CCIC, the test result measured by CCIC is not as good as that by Intertek and SGS. However, both the moisture content in our MEK during transportation out of the factory and that during arrival at the port are within 0.02%, far below the national standard 0.05%.

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